December 9, 2010

THREE! And counting...

Bertrand celebrated his THIRD BIRTHDAY today!

He had an Elmo cupcake pull-apart for his birthday celebration at school.

The class enjoyed cupcakes and apple juice while the birthday King took an I-am-ignoring-you-all snooze.

Bertrand was happy to come home to find wrapped presents and a yummy lunch.

For dinner, Bertrand got a special birthday treat: carrot cake flavored, low carb, dairy blend. The not-so-special treat was having to listen to his dad, mama and aunt sing "happy birthday". (Bertrand's hearing may never be the same again.)

Bertrand really enjoyed his birthday "cake".

Bertrand received LOTS of presents (in spite of mom's pleas for "no gifts!") thereby continuing his transformation into "most spoiled boy on the planet".

Bertrand attempted to open a present for the first time! This was very emotional for all!

Bertrand was also FLOODED with birthday well-wishes and love from across the world: mail, email, twitter, phone, text message, facebook message, skype, visits, and more!
It has become clear to us that our son is LOVED by more people than we knew.
And that in his short life, he has touched more lives than many people do their entire lives.
He really is special!

Happy birthday, B! We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Bertrand! You are a rockstar!

  2. That 1st comment is mine. It wouldn't sign me in. :(

  3. Yayyyy, Bertrand! Happy, happy birthday! Good for you for trying to open your presents yourself instead letting all those pesky big people have all the fun!

    XOXOXOX from everyone at the Fawnahareo household!

  4. Happy Third Birthday Bertrand!!! Love the pic of you behind all your loot. What a special day!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Love the photos!

  6. Happy Birthday Bertrand!!! We Love you, your such a handsome little guy :)

  7. Happy birthday again, kiddo! I love the Elmo cake. (Incidentally, Veronica adores pictures of Elmo even though she's never actually seen the show. Some subliminal message in his design, no doubt).

  8. Love all of these photos - but most of all love Bertrand!!!!

  9. i have the same pic of gabby sleeping during her 5 birthday. And i can relate to the tears with the present opening, in fact, i teared up looking at your pics, great job, B.