December 13, 2010

Cleveland Clinic, here we come!

Picture from OneMedPlace

Bertrand will FINALLY be seen at the Cleveland Clinic! Cleveland Clinic's neurology program is currently ranked #1 in the US. (Coincidentally, it also performs the highest number of pediatric epilepsy surgeries in the US--not that Bertrand is a candidate.)

We'll arrive on January 2. Bertrand will be admitted on January 3rd. And, we should be home by January 7th. Among the specialists Bertrand will see are Drs. Ajay Gupta and Sumit Parikh. Dr. Gupta is an epileptologist and Dr. Parikh is a neurometabolic/neurogenetic specialist.

We don't expect a diagnosis or, realistically, even treatment. (At best we can address his seizures but not the underlying condition causing his white matter loss, liver and nerve damage.) We're just confirming that we've done everything we can for Bertrand and hoping to improve his quality of life.


  1. Sounds like news that is good. Staying hopeful with you for answers that keep Bertrand healthy and happy. Barbara

  2. That's exactly what we got from our trip to Cleveland Clinic: confirmation that we hadn't missed anything and that we were on the right track to do everything we could for Collin. I also think we got some guidance and confidence that helped us make better decisions later on.

    Excited for you to get affirmation and insight.

  3. that picture does not do the Clinic justice, it is HUGE.

  4. If you need anything, let me know. I live in a Cleveland suburb (even if it is food, company, or someone to stay with B while you get away). My son and I get our care there (well our whole family does, but the two of us go down to the mothership for our specialists).

    I've gone to continuing ed classes where Dr. Gupta was a presenter, and I was impressed.

  5. Cristina Would love to talk with you about the epilepsy more. 4 morehours today to complete son is 14 and I thinkseizures playa much larger role in the scheme of things. i am on facebook too