April 21, 2010

Stem Cells: Response from Duke University

I received your emails about Bertrand and also had his MRI reviewed by the neuroradiologists at Duke. Unfortunately when they reviewed Bertrand's MRI, they didn't see any areas consistent with hypoxic injury. They also thought that the scan was a little worse as compared to the scan that Bertrand had at Duke. They were specifically concerned about the area in the Post Centrum Semiovale. They did comment that the quality of the scan was suboptimal. With this information, I don't see a reason to think that infusing Bertand's cord blood cells would help him. On the other hand, they wouldn't hurt him so we'd be willing to do it if you would like. Just let me know.

Matthew and I have some thinking to do.


  1. Hi Cristina,
    I hope you guys make the right decision re: stem cells. I am hoping for the best for you all. Miss you guys but love the updates on your blog. How's Bertrand re: Keto Diet? Take care!!

    Nicole and Samantha

  2. I'm not sure how stem cells work (even though it is my brother's line of work) is there any experimental benefits Bertrand could get that wouldn't have been thought of? Good luck with making a decision. Am thinking of you guys.