April 20, 2010

Hippotherapy 2010 Begins!

Yesterday, Bertrand had his first hippotherapy session since last summer!

This session was mostly an evaluation, and he'll start in earnest next Monday.

Bertrand rode backward, forward, sideways and blindfolded!

And, as usual, he felt asleep on the horse.

And this morning, his therapist sent us this beautiful note:

"Bertrand has been on my mind since we saw you three yesterday. I feel a deep and amazing connection with him. (You must hear that all the time!) But when he looked me in the eyes and smiled over and over I feel that he was letting me know that he's ready to move forward....as if he is not in "thriver" mode anymore but instead "survivor" mode now as I can relate to. He is such a wise old soul and I'm so excited to be able to play a small part in his upcoming progress! :)"


  1. NIce pictures. I am wondering if the pillow on top of him is there to control his movements or for some other reason?

  2. oh how fun for him! that is a good sign he fell asleep...he must like it. :)