March 26, 2010

A note on Bertrand

Bertrand is in a really delicate state between his healing arm, the ratio change, the branched-chain amino acids and the keppra dosage decrease. We've been trying to change only one thing at a time, but it takes so long to see the impacts of such things that we still can't be completely sure what's at play. While he has been having daily tonics (and his first tonic clonic), he seems more verbal and has much better eye contact. Today at musikgarten, two moms and the teacher all commented on how well he was doing in class. All three were so happy and impressed, saying, "he actually looked at me!" Overall, Bertrand is a lot more "here" and a lot less "gone". And that's a very good thing. :)


  1. You know, I think people who don't see our kids as often as we do are able to see the strides that they make better than we can.

  2. You're probably right, Carrie. Recently I've been so affected by what Bertrand has NOT been doing that I've been a bit blinded to what he HAS been doing. And, what he IS doing (the extra smiles, babbles, laughs) are what's important.

    I am a lucky lady to have such a fantastic little man!

  3. It was sooo good to meet you guys in person also! I had a lot of fun at the get together. Hopefully we can do it often! You guys are so nice and Bertrand is such a cute little boy!! I am glad he's babbaling and smiling lately. Its funny how LITERALLY the "little things" make our heart melt and we LONG for our kids to make noises & be loud etc.

    Hope you guys have a good week :)