March 9, 2010

Another tear

Bertrand cried out for "meeehhhh meeehhh" and shed another tear this morning:

He looked very sincere later on:

And showed off his limb-length discrepancy this evening:


  1. A few things:

    1. Any thoughts on what the sudden appearance of tears might signify?

    2. Have you guys considered taking Bertrand to a chiropractor? I don't mean one of those neck crackers, I mean a good pediatric chiropractor. They're very gentle and can work wonders. When Collin's spine is misaligned, his legs look uneven is what made me think of this.

    3. The 'meehhh meehhh' part almost did me in.

  2. Great! I can see the tears! And the cry "meeehhhhh meeehhhh" looks like he is trying to call his Mom!
    Love, Titi Lili