December 10, 2009

Two Year Check-up

Bertrand had his two year check-up today with Dr. Samson-Fang, his pediatrician. There is nobody who doesn't think she is amazing! We're in the fan club too. :)

At the appointment, first Bertrand got his few remaining shots and is through with his vaccines until about age 5. Then, Dr. Samson-Fang and I talked about:
  • What the status of Bertrand's team at the hospital is.
  • How to manage Bertrand's health on the ketogenic diet (supplements, etc.).
  • Getting insurance to cover KetoCal or KetoVolve.
  • Which sugar-free medications he can now use for fever, etc.
  • Which labs will be run (vitamin D, albumin, PTT--blood clotting function).
  • Getting Bertrand on the medicare waiting list (5-7 years).
Going into Bertrand's one month Ketogenic check-up on Monday, I think Dr. Samson-Fang's support means a lot. She liked the ingredient list for the KetoVolve formula (no transfat, plus MCT oil) more than KetoCal's so I am hoping that will give me sufficient leverage to convince our dietitian to let Bertrand give KetoVolve a try.

The next few days will be quite the whirlwind! Tomorrow, Bertrand starts his Musick Garten class. Saturday he has his birthday party. And Monday, Bertrand has an orthopaedic appointment, then a fitting for his leg braces, physical therapy and then his one month keto follow-up! Whew! Glad we're finally healthy again to tackle all this!

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