December 9, 2009

Happy Second Birthday!!!

Today, Bertrand turned 2 years old! Joy! Joy! Joy! This is a milestone of momentous importance to our family. 15 months ago we never thought this day would never come. Bertrand was given a grim prognosis and a 24 month life expectancy. We've made every day since count, and will continue treating each day with our precious little boy like the gift it is. I am so overcome with happiness that my baby is still alive. I've been through one crying jag after another all day long, but like I told a friend today, it would be a lie if I said all those tears were happy ones. Several of Bertrand's special needs cohort (Cooper, Gage, Ethan, Joseph and countless others) were not so lucky as to make it to their second birthdays this year. We hold them in our thoughts and in our hearts today as always.


  1. Cristina, Matt and Bertrand - I wanted to say happy birthday yet again! I can't tell you how very happy I am for you all that he celebrated this very momentous occasion. Here's to many more wonderful birthdays of spinning and Christmas decorations.

  2. Oh... you're a big boy now, Bertrand. Happy Birthday! It's such a wonderful age. There is a whole world waiting for you. And you have the greatest people around. I wish I can get back there in my twos, at least remember more, but it happens just once. Good luck, little man. Have fun.

  3. Hurray! Hurray! Celebrating with you!

    (Cristina, you are crazy for putting up two trees! :D And holy stockings! It looks awesome.)

  4. Your love and dedication come through on this blog.

    He is very stable sitting on the floor!

    Looks like you will be celebrating further for Christmas. Nice decorations! Barbara