November 18, 2009

Video of Bertrand on the 2nd day of the ketogenic diet

It has been a long day of continued success on the ketogenic diet! Bertrand is still drop-free and his startles (myoclonus) are down to a handful! The morning got off to a rough start with the first at-home keto meal preparation and then with the realization that my keys were back at the hospital. Once we overcame those little setbacks, Bertrand and I crisscrossed town in search of his supplements and better keto-cooking implements. We unmasked our mysterious benefactor and are brainstorming for ways to thank her. Our friends, Shannon, Alex and Sasha came over to help prepare tomorrow's ketomeals and have a celebratory dinner (pizza) party! And, lastly, for proof that my son does in fact wear clothes, here is the video we just took for day 2 on the ketogenic diet. Enjoy!


  1. Hmm, I can't watch the video, but maybe it'll be available again tomorrow. Hurrah, hurrah for good things happening!!

  2. It's working now. I think it took a while to be processed/approved.

  3. He's looking great! Wow, and only the second day! Hugs to you all.