November 17, 2009

Video of Bertrand on the 1st day of the ketogenic diet

Even though I am utterly exhausted, I had to post the video I took of Bertrand tonight. I'll be taking a brief video at the same time (after dinner, keppra and bath) so y'all can track Bertrand's status along with us. :) I consider this a video of Bertrand's 1st full day on the ketogenic diet because every snack and meal he had today was calculated along the 3:1 (fat to carb) ratio.

I believe it is too early to claim victory, but I am very much encouraged by Bertrand's behavior and number of seizures today. Yesterday, I counted startles and drops in the evening. B's startles took up pages and he had 5 drop seizures in about as many hours. Today Bertrand has not had a single drop seizure! And, the fact that I will be able to START counting his other seizures (absence, complex partial and startles/myoclonus) is a testament to how much they've reduced.

I really hope that this is all a result of the diet and not just one freak, amazing, seizure-reduced day. Take a look at his new video and let us know if you see any difference! :)


  1. Love it :) Bye-bye, good night B! (BTW, Hannah STILL loves her toy you gave her -- I'm glad you still play with yours too!)

  2. Cristina,
    I am so excited for you guys! I sent you an email but I know you have been very busy. Email back when you get a chance. Your boy is a charmer :)

  3. Oh, YES!!!! YES! YES! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

  4. Bluee19, I don't think I got your email. Please resend. Thanks for sharing Bertrand's journey with us!

  5. Hi Cristina,
    Its Nicole (bluee19)from Rosemead. :)

  6. Lovely! Definitivamente que se nota progreso!
    Love, Titi Lili