October 21, 2009

Flu Shots, Knee Update and More

Flu Shot Odyssey
Before being admitted to the hospital in November to start the diet, Bertrand needs his flu shots: seasonal and H1N1. This morning we were able to procure the first of his H1N1 shots (kids under age ten need two doses, a month apart, for full immunity) from the Salt Lake City Department for Public Health. Unfortunately, they were out of seasonal flu vaccines. Even more unfortunately, so is every clinic and pharmacy in the valley (excusez-moi, "intermountain region")! BUT, hallelujah! we have a savior! (and no one who knows me should be surprised...) CostCo has come to the rescue! Tomorrow, October 22 from 10AM to 2PM is the very last day they will be offering the seasonal flu vaccine! (Apparently there are shortages of the seasonal vaccine because all production has been shifted to H1N1.) After Bertrand's physical therapy session, we will fly to the CostCo and hopefully get needlified before they too run out!

Get Well
Speaking of the flu, my dear friend Karen and her two adorable little boys are now sick! :( We're keeping them in our thoughts and hearts. This is the same wonderful, darling Karen who has been there for us every time life has gotten rough the past few months. (Just last week she was bringing over meals when my knee was out!) We hope they get well soon.

My Knee
Today I went to see orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Steve Aoki. As I was being funneled through the admitting process at the University of Utah Orthopaedic Center (awesome facility, BTW), the receptionist, billing person, x-ray technician, and nurse, upon hearing that I was going to see Dr. Aoki all said, "Oh! He's the best one!" "He's the doctor I go to!" "He's the doctor I take my daughter to!" "I loooove Dr. Aoki!" So, I am pretty impressed before I even see the guy. Boy was I surprised when a human being, no god-like resemblance at all, walked into the exam room. ;) Anyway, Dr. Aoki seems nice. The x-rays, as expected, show no damage. Also as expected, he thinks I likely have a torn meniscus and ordered the MRI. My follow-up appointment to go over the MRI is next Wednesday.

Big Boy Room
Tonight is the big night! Bertrand is graduating from his crib in the nursery to the queen sized bed in his "Big Boy" bedroom! We finally got and assembled his extra-long, super-fancy, bed rails! Tomorrow morning I'll take pictures to share of my big boy in the bed! :)

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