August 27, 2009

The Joys of Home Ownership

In the midst of trying not to tear all my hair out because of Bertrand's situation, I've been dealing with the "joys" of home ownership. Back in July we discovered a leak in our dining room. We thought that caulking around an upstairs window fixed it. We were wrong. It turns out that water was streaming in past the rotted out Tudor boards on our home's south side. On top of having to replace the completely rotted exterior boards, we may have to deal with repairing damaged structural timbers. Fun. :-P

By the way, the results still aren't back for Bertrand's MECP2 (Rett Syndrome) test, and his 24-hour EEG (the one ordered by the NIH and the chief of the UofU medical genetics program) is being held up for lack of approval by neurology. Grrr! But speaking of neurology, my father will be giving a talk on autism at the University of Utah's Warnok engineering building at 3pm tomorrow! It's a fantastic talk on his theory of the circuitry of autism. Bertrand approves. ;)

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