August 20, 2009

A bad time to get bad news

There's never a good time to get bad news about Bertrand. But, there are worse times than others.

I got Cristina's text message about the microcephaly right before I had to give my talk today at the faculty retreat. It knocked me right out of my "pre-talk zone," but I held it together.

Anyway, when I got home, I had a "talk" with Bertrand. He explained to me that he's not microcephalic. He claims he's just "megasomatic."


  1. Dear Matt, Bertrand is an amazing child just like you and Cristina. Something tells me he will be fine after all.
    My love, Mami

  2. Well, I had to google "megasomatic". And this blog is the #1 hit on Google!