June 23, 2009

Visual Evaluation: Take Two

This afternoon we met with Linda and Edgar, B's new case manager from DDI Vantage. Bertrand completed his visual evaluation. Starting July, he'll be receiving services from Linda with Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind Parent Infant Program (PIP) twice a month. We can increase or reduce the frequency of service depending on the therapy's effectiveness and Bertrand's progress.

After his strenuous speech therapy session this morning, the visual evaluation was a bit much--even though Bertrand did better than expected. B collapsed into a coma-like nap after Edgar and Linda left. Rather than take the opportunity to catch up on my embarrassingly overdue emails, thank you notes, housework, etc. I went outside with my water bottle to just sit and watch the hummingbirds play in the honeysuckle.

What can I say? Prioritization is not my forte.


  1. Hey, you need your therapy too.

  2. When you mention coma my heart stop for a second. Tell Bertrand, that I love him with all my heart, I know he will understand you, because is the language of heart to heart. Also please give him a soft kiss and hug from me.
    Love. Abita