June 23, 2009

Speech Therapy: Evaluation 6/23/09

Today, Bertrand had a speech and language pathology evaluation during his regular speech therapy session with DDI Vantage, the early intervention program for our county. Bertrand will be re-evaluated for regular speech pathology sessions in 6 months but, until then, Becky (the pathologist) gave us some good things to work on.
  1. We need to continue our work with sign language--possibly including some baby sign videos in B's repetoire during his stander time. (Amazon.com here I come.)
  2. We need to really work on mimicking with hands and feet, but ideally we want facial mimicking--lips, tongue, sounds--as this will help with speech.
  3. Lastly, since Bertrand prefers to touch rough over smooth textures, using a kind of sock or custom fabric koozie over his smooth glass bottles may encourage him to handle the bottles himself. Lynn, I may need your help with this!
P.S. - The Valium really helped in today's session! Meghan, B's regular speech therapist, said that she'd never seen B so focused!

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