March 1, 2009

Saccharides and Such

Being the impatient person I am, I called the Intermountain Lab today to see if Bertrand's urine test result was in. It is not, but it'll be back in 5-7 days. The sample was sent to the Mayo Clinic Laboratory. Since a lot of you have asked, I don't know the full name of the test, but it was called something "saccharides".

Now for some good news! Bertrand's alpha-fetoprotein level is down to 85.4!!! (The normal range is from 0-15, but his level is down from being the 1,000s.) Other news is that his ALT is 318 (normal range is from 5-45) and his AST is 184 (normal range is from 20-60). I believe those two values have stayed fairly constant.

Hopefully, we are converging on a diagnosis. I'll be bugging the Lab again on Tuesday to see if they've received the urine test result.

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  1. I am super happy that the alpha-fetoprotein level is down. That was a huge change. I am so thankful to the Lord for that. Bertrand will be improving slowly but surely. He is a famous Baby, many people are praying for him. Keep on being a persistent Mom, it is good to be like that to our love ones.