March 1, 2009

Physical Therapy: Six Month Review POSTPONED

This morning, Bertrand's physical therapist called. Kirsten said that her daughter was sick and Meghan, Bertrand's speech therapist, had the flu. Therefore, they couldn't make his six month review. Since it is primarily just paperwork (the testing was completed last week), we're tentatively holding the review next Monday.

In other news, yesterday, I met Lynn, Gary and Kevin at our neighborhood book club. They just moved from Boston, and Gary works up at the U with Matthew. Lynn is facing the similar issues I am, as she's also a new stay-at-home mom to Kevin, their beautiful 15 month-old baby boy.

Lynn and Kevin invited Bertrand and me to become a part of their Tuesday playgroup! Bertrand and I couldn't be more excited! There are 3 other kids in the group, in addition to Kevin, so B would make the total 5. Our first play date in on March 24th!

Funny enough, Lynn and Kevin ALSO keep a blog! Together, they review children's books. Their blog is called Infant Bibliophile. Bertrand and I look forward to reading several of the fantastic books they've reviewed since B is quite the reader as well. :)

Meeting good people like Lynn and Gary (and Kevin) make putting roots down in Salt Lake City a lot easier.

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  1. I am very happy that you and Bertrand are making new friends. I am sure little B will benefit a lot playing with other kids. I also hope he can begin therapy soon.
    With all my love, Mami