March 24, 2009

Play Group, Shriners (PT) & Blog

Bertrand's play group today was canceled at the last minute, so Lynn and Kevin met Bertrand and me at a cafe. We had such a good time that we hope to get together again very soon!

I called the applications department at Shriners today to check on the status of Bertrand's application. It was under committee review, and I am glad I called because I think it was on the way to get rejected.

You see, Shriners deals primarily with orthopedic issues. The application asked for x-rays--which Bertrand doesn't have. However, as I told the lady at Shriners, he has plenty of MRIs, CT Scans and ultrasounds. His issue is a metabolic one with very marked neurophysical manifestations.

Hopefully, the additional information I provided will prevent us from having to go through the appeal process with them.

As some of you have noticed, I redesigned the blog a bit yesterday--hence the terse post. :) I hope to be adding more pictures, slide shows, and movies soon too! Please let me know if things don't show up well--I tried to test for different screen resolutions, but I am not perfect.


  1. Looks great so far. You know if you need ANY help on the bloggin' end of things, I'm here for you :)

  2. I think you did a great job on the blog. Bertrand looks so beautiful!! I am glad Bertrand has friends to play with.
    Much love, Mami