March 25, 2009

Physical Therapy: Accepted to Shriners

Woo hoo! My phone call yesterday must've helped. :) Angela with Shriners Hospital called today to ask me more questions about Bertrand's case and she entered an acceptance for him!

They have quite the leadtime to get into their program (the downside to being free). Bertrand will be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon in 2 months and start physical therapy shortly thereafter.

Normally a 2 month wait (even for first available) would bother me, but now I view it as time to determine a diagnosis.


  1. Me alegro mucho!!! Tu insistencia pago.
    Te quiere, Mami

  2. Excelente! Tu llamada les abrio los ojos para aprobar el caso!
    BTW, me encantan las fotos en el rediseno del blog!
    Y hasta puedo ver el calendario de Bertrand!
    His is busier thatn mine!
    Love y muchos besos
    Titi Lili