March 17, 2009

Laboratory Results 03/17/2009

The first test results from Dr. Longo's lab orders are in. So far, it looks like all the low hanging fruit (what would be easy fixes) are normal. Given his average prolactin results, Bertrand may no longer need a spinal tap.
  • Biotinidase enzyme: TBD
  • Uric acid: 2.0 (Normal range 1.8-5.0)
  • Prolactin: 18.3 (Normal range 2-25)
  • Ceruloplasmin: 18 (Normal range 14-44)
  • Copper: TBD
I'll be checking back with the University of Utah lab tomorrow on the biotinidase and copper. I will also be calling Baylor tomorrow regarding turn around times for their lysosomal testing. (I tried calling tonight, but they were not open.)

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  1. These are good news, specially the may not having to do a spinal tap on Bertrand.