February 19, 2009

Physical Therapy: Progress & Impending Review

I can't believe it's almost been 6 months since Bertrand started physical therapy through DDI Vantage. Today his therapist let me know that he needed to be tested next week. Every 6 months they test him and a joint decision is made by both his therapist and case manager to determine Bertrand's continued eligibility for early intervention services. Sadly, the test is merely a formality because B is still very much eligible.

In preparation for the testing next Thursday, Kirsten and I reviewed some of the goals we'd set back in September. While Bertrand has made progress on all of them, he has at best met just one: increased stability while sitting. (Although, his startle reflex makes even that accomplishment tenuous.) This realization was mildly depressing, until I pointed out to Kirsten that his social interaction, which we hadn't stated as a goal, had improved by leaps and bounds.

Bertrand can now make and sustain eye contact, smile, make sounds, and boy can he manipulate. :) Going forward we'll work on improving his tolerance for physical contact, decreasing his alone time, and mitigating his fixations. Our work with Meghan, his speech therapist, will push these efforts as well.

In other related news, Kirsten noted that Bertrand was *much* less jiggly today and *much* more socially responsive. (He was smiling and babbling at Kirsten--a first!) I had noticed this improvement over the past two days as well. Either Bertrand is just step functioning in his development or the switch to whole milk may be helping him. He still gets one or two formula bottles a day, but the rest his bottles have been switched to milk and water.

From a digestive standpoint the milk has helped a lot. Bertrand is now regular and experiences no pain with bowel movements. That alone could make him a happier baby. I'd still be interested in asking his pediatrician what she thinks about the change. Maybe there are extra vitamins in formula he has difficulty with? Asking never hurts.

I've called the Dr. Samson-Fang's office three times this week and left two messages. Hopefully she'll get back to me tomorrow (I'll be calling again) so we can see about the new blood work, starting therapy at Shriners, and now the big milk question.

"His eye contact is much better. His movements have calmed quite a bit & his hands are more relaxed."

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  1. I am soo happy Bertrand is progressing in his motor and social skills. He is funny by using his charm on the therapist. He is going to be a heart breaker, that is all I can say. Please give him a big kiss and hug from me.
    My love for all of you, Mami