February 16, 2009

DNA Update and More

I spoke with Sabrina Ingram over at the Johns Hopkins DNA Diagnostics Lab today. She said that they received Bertrand's sample on January 15th. Contrary to what the U of U lab had said, the results typically come back between 10 and 12 weeks! Wow! However, she said, due to lower volume they *may* be able to get it back in 8 weeks. So, I'll be checking back in with her on March 12th and 26th.

In other news, we started transitioning B to cow's milk. He loves it. We'd like to get him down to just one formula bottle a day. The vitamins and minerals in formula are good, but they (especially the iron) can have a constipating effect. Since he's been eating very well recently, I think we can accomplish this by the end of the week, if not sooner.

I have been watering down Bertrand's formula and milk due to (a) the dry climate, (b) his constipation, (c) his low activity level and (d) his high liver enzymes. As adorable as his chubby cheeks are, if he could move around like a normal baby, he would've burned them off long ago. The extra weight is also a strain on his liver.

We have a meeting with Bertrand's early intervention case manager, Pat, next week on 03/02/2009. We also have speech therapy with Meghan the same day. Later in March we have an appointment with Dr. Samson-Fang on 03/25/2009 and another feeding clinic (occupational therapy) with Annie Miller, on 03/31/2009. His next neurologist appointment isn't until April.

While I am also touching base with Dr. Samson-Fang today, at our next appointment with her, we will discuss adding physical therapy at the Shriners Children's Hospital. For Spring, we are looking into two new therapy sessions: hydrotherapy (swim class) and hippotherapy (horseback riding).

UPDATE: Due to the President's Day holiday, I was not able to touch base with Dr. Samson-Fang today. I will call her office again tomorrow. Bertrand's blood work for February needs to be drawn and I really want to start the therapy at Shriners.

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