August 5, 2014

Neuroworx Consult

This summer we're finally getting Bertrand out to Neuroworx, a local rehabilitation center that focuses on spinal/neurological physiotherapy.  For years we've heard nothing but good things about Neuroworx from Bertrand's friend Noah.  We're excited to see how Bertrand does with different equipment in a different environment.

At Neuroworx Bertrand is going to try the Lokomat.  "The Lokomat provides intensive locomotion therapy for the treatment of children with cerebral palsy or other neurological disorders."
Why introduce robotic locomotion therapy?
• Functional movement and sensory stimulation play an important role in the rehabilitation of neurological patients following stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, as well as in patients with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or other neurological disorders.
• Administering intensive functional locomotion therapy with manual training requires sufficient staff, is labor intensive and allows only relatively short training sessions.
• Manually assisted gait therapy can be challenging, especially in obese patients or in patients who are spastic.
• Gait pattern and guidance force are individually adjustable to the patient’s needs to optimize the functional training
• Improved patient motivation through visualized performance feedback
• Assessment tools allow easy and reproducible measurements of the patient’s progress
• If needed – easily switch from automated to manual therapy


  1. I can't wait to follow this journey. We may need to make a trip there for this! I haven't seen anything like this near us! (And PS, I mentioned to Brian how determined I was to meet you in person someday, and he was like, "okay, let's plan a trip." Don't worry, I'll let you settle into your new family of 5 first ;o) Plus, we have our trip to Chile for CME therapy this year . . . but maybe 2015 is our year! xoxo - Allison

    1. Yay! That would be awesome! I am going to be following your CME therapy trip as well! That is so exciting! Fingers crossed for both our kiddos. :) xoxo --C

  2. Christina, i just wanted to say thanks so much for your kind words on my blog today. Sometimes I just feel so silly blogging about such insignificant things. I really never would have thought there might be a real need for it or it might be a blessing to someone. So thanks for lurking and please comment now and then so I'll know you're still there!

    1. I will comment more often, I promise. :) One of these days I will make something wonderful! Just you wait and see. ;)