July 15, 2014

Photo Outtakes

The Rule of 3: When taking photographs of three children, at most two will respond appropriately.  ...and the other(s) will be staring off distractedly or screaming.

I love these photos.  
They capture the perfectly imperfect, happy, craziness that is us. 


  1. Las fotos etan bellisimas Victoria se ve fascinada con baby Wiston, que Dios bendiga a tu familia Cristina.

  2. Christina-

    I thought I had your e-mail and can't find it. Just wanted to let you know how excited I am by reading each of your articles and the major growth & changes in research! How exciting! As well, the last time I checked in, Victoria had just been born. So, much has changed and it's thrilling to read about. I'd love to hear from you! Again, we are praising the Lord for all that has been uncovered in the last few years for Bertrand and for y'all!!!

    because of HIM,


    1. Thank you, Meredith! Hope all is well with you and B!