June 7, 2014

Seizure Smart-er

Matthew and I attended the Epilepsy Association of Utah's Seizure Smart Conference.  Given Bertrand's impending travel, we could only attend a few sessions.  The topics were cannabidiol extract, new legislation, and the genetics of epilepsy.  It was an informative and motivating conference.  We were glad we went!  The folks at EAU did a fantastic job, as did all of the speakers.

Look Niki!  We missed you.  You should have been here!  :)

The amazing Heather Jackson with The Realm of Caring.

The fantastic Jennifer May with Hope 4 Children with Epilepsy.


  1. Does cannabidiol refer to something that's legal in Washington now or is it something else? :)

    I really liked your last post about Victoria's tea party -- it looked wonderful and I loved that washing the dishes was the most exotic thing about it! Veronica has similar tastes, which means I've ended up becoming more of a party organizer than I ever expected to be.

    1. Bing, bing, bing! You guessed correctly on the first try! :)

      And, I know we've said this before, but the girls would get along famously. They were cut from the same cloth. :)

      I hope all is well and you're set to survive the summer!