June 3, 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten

Bertrand's last day of kindergarten was a bit anticlimactic after the past few weeks of field trips and celebrations.

I had incorrectly assumed he'd be included in a mainstream kindergarten graduation ceremony the same way he has been integrated all year.  I didn't realize that their program ended a week before his.  I should've simply asked.  Live and learn.

Fortunately, Bertrand's report card made up for everything.  He has really flourished this past year.  His biggest gains at school were in speech and language.   Through both eye gaze and touch, he is accurately and consistently using photos to make choices.  He is also able to indicate "no".  We will be following-up with this at home.

He has also made big strides in feeding himself and drinking independently, as well as using the potty.  He is pretty amazing!

Bertrand will be participating in the Extended School Year program again this summer, so he doesn't have much of a break.  It's a good thing he loves school.  :)

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