May 21, 2014

Field Trip: Little Dell Reservoir

Little Dell Reservoir
Today, Bertrand's class had a field trip to Little Dell Reservoir to go canoeing courtesy of Splore, a great local organization that provides opportunities for adventure to people with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.  And, an adventure it was!  The entire class--including Victoria--had a fantastic time.  :)

On the school bus and ready to go!
Headed down to the boat ramp.
The very first canoe to be loaded and pushing off.
Victoria serves as scout, pointing the way.
Canoeing on a very windy day.
Paddling further out.
Pointing at Mama back on shore.
Paddling out to see some Canada Geese.
Being joined by a classmate in another canoe.
On the way back to shore.
Bertrand was singing a happy song.
Docking and unloading the canoe.
A very happy boater.
Canoeing wiped us out!
Can I go again?!
Surrounded by classmates/friends.
Little sister photobomb.
Boy, was canoeing fun or what?!
Can't wait to do this again next year!


  1. He looks so happy!!! I love it!

  2. Tears came to my eyes seeing this. So happy. So happy. So happy.

    Gratitude to Splore, what a great group of people to give Bertrand and his friends and V such an experience!

    1. Gratitude indeed! The folks with Splore were fantastic! I am constantly amazed by all the resources we never knew existed, and the incredible people behind them. :)