May 23, 2014

2014 Epilepsy Education Conference

Get Seizure Smart! Educational ConferenceJoin us for the 7th Annual Get Seizure Smart! Educational Conference.
June 7th, 2014
8am to 4pm
Little America
500 S Main St
Salt Lake City, UT
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"Change is the end result of all true learning."
- Leo Buscaglia

This past year, the changes that have occurred in the epilepsy community include new diagnostic tools, new treatments and more research into what causes epilepsy and what can help stop seizures. The EAU is pleased to have some of the experts in this field of study and practice, speaking at our annual Get Seizure Smart! Education Conference.

Some of the respected speakers include:

Keynote Address:

Genetics of Epilepsy: The Role of Dravet Syndrome
Dr. Ian Miller - Miami Children's Hospital

Special Guest Speakers:

Cannabidiol for Seizure Management
Heather Jackson - Executive Director - Realm of Caring

Epilepsy 101 for Adults
Dr. Jeffrey Bigelow, MD, MPH - Neurologist at Intermountain Medical Center

Epilepsy 101 for Pediatrics
Dr. Matthew Sweney, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics and Neurology - Primary Children's Hospital

The State of Cannabis Oil
Jennifer May, Co-Founder: Hope 4 Children with Epilepsy,

The genetics of epilepsy and personalized medicine: What does the future look like?
Dr. Reid Robison, Chief Executive Officer, Tute Genomics Inc.

Honored Speakers:

The Practical Application of Chiropractics for Epilepsy
Dr. K.C. Oliver - Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, Founding Partner - The Neuro Clinic in Lehi UT

Trusts and Living Wills
Jared Allebest - Adjunct Professor, UVU - Owner, Allebest Law Group

Empowering Parents: Caregiver resources and how to use them.
Kim Orton - Pediatric Epilepsy Care Coordinator for the University of Utah, School of Medicine at Primary Children's Hospital.

Funding, Medicaid and SSI
Jodi Hansen - Utah Parent Center and Utah Family Voices.

Neuropsychological, Behavioral, and Social Challenges Associated with Epilepsy
Dr. Jenise Jensen - Pediatric Neuropsychologist

My Personal Experience and Accepting Epilepsy
Chris Connor - Youth Leader, Epilepsy Association Board of Directors

Essential Oils and Mental Health
Leslie Reader - Wellness Advocate 

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