March 5, 2014

Report Card: Kindergarten Term 2

Reading Bertrand's report card cracks me up! I'm so glad he resolves conflict appropriately.  ;)


  1. I'm puzzled by "accepts responsibility for own behavior", myself. How can they tell that he *doesn't?*

    Report cards always confuse me because I can never remember the new, euphemistic letter grades; here we have E, D and A, which stand for Emerging, Developing, and Advanced. And I had to think for a couple of minutes before I remembered all of them. They're not really very helpful, especially "developing" which could mean just about anything, sort of like when a teacher comments that "X is very enthusiastic!" or "He has lot of energy!" :)

    1. Yes, it's sure different from the A, B, C, D, F in our day! I'm grateful that they always include the decoder key up at the top. :)