October 24, 2013

Family Portraits 2013

 photo FF_001_zpsb6ad96a3.jpg 

The amazing Staci did it yet again.  We look *almost* sane in these photos.  ;)  

You can't even tell that Victoria was screaming for "baby pumpkin" in half of these (when she wasn't obsessed with rocks) and that Bertrand demanded a snack mid-way through.

This year we added more of our family's Utah crew: the famous Papa and Nana, the "hunkles" Dan and John (aka Boojie), and my sister Aury.

Thanks to everyone for making this 40th anniversary gift for Nana and Papa possible.

Picking just one photo for the holiday card this year won't be easy!

 photo FF_015_zpsbd53c191.jpg  photo FF_016_zps251d0228.jpg  photo FF_020_zps11a7cfa6.jpg  photo FF_021_zps2353e7ff.jpg  photo FF_032_zps2e68e783.jpg  photo FF_029_zpsb607d551.jpg  photo FF_035_zpsaa7f385d.jpg  photo FF_045_zps616c0c56.jpg  photo FF_049_zps6e836a98.jpg  photo FF_052_zps9361fc12.jpg  photo FF_074_zps9c1bcf90.jpg  photo FF_081_zps654309aa.jpg  photo FF_083_zps158dacc3.jpg  photo FF_086_zpsf6639286.jpg  photo FF_089_zps26d2d555.jpg  photo FF_091_zps4f43f85e.jpg 
Matthew with his two younger brothers, Daniel and John.
Victoria mispronounced the word uncle as "hunkle", and you can see why the title stuck!  ;)
 photo FF_096_zps1c8b7335.jpg  photo FF_098_zps47b95822.jpg  photo FF_101_zps42fc51f7.jpg  photo FF_103_zps067139cd.jpg  photo FF_104_zpsc9be05be.jpg  photo FF_114_zps9c796d73.jpg  photo FF_137BampW_zps82f09058.jpg  photo FF_147_zps4286c8f5.jpg  photo FF_157_zpsaa369b0a.jpg  photo FF_163_zps7b69a87a.jpg  photo FF_167_zps0638cd4b.jpg  photo FF_168_zps49aef955.jpg  photo FF_172_zpsc5b192c0.jpg  photo FF_177_zpsb17418c7.jpg  photo FF_181_zpsce1f9d2e.jpg  photo FF_185_zpsab84ecf8.jpg  photo FF_195_zps9c97718e.jpg  photo FF_199_zpsec651c72.jpg 
Happy 40th anniversary, Papa and Nana!  We love you!
 photo FF_201_zps2eb7690d.jpg  photo FF_203_zps2e71d5ac.jpg  photo FF_206_zps21784872.jpg  photo FF_210_zpsf3cb83fa.jpg  photo FF_221_zps1ed3b72e.jpg  photo FF_223_zps87a42ddd.jpg  photo FF_226_zps1c0c2ca1.jpg  photo FF_233_zpsf3c2bf6b.jpg


  1. What a lovely family - and, from what I read here, inside as well as out. She is truly a talented artist! Thank you for sharing.

    p.s. Hunckles, I love it!

    1. Thank you. :) We couldn't be more fortunate with our family and friends... and blog readers! :) xo

  2. Hi, I've been following your blog for awhile and just had to comment on how wonderful the pictures turned out. You have a beautiful family.


    1. Thank you! I am glad that you liked the pictures! As with all families, things may occasionally be a bit rough, but I think the photos help illustrate that at heart we're a family just like any other--lots of love, giggles, and snuggles. :) Best to you and Eleanor!

  3. Those pictures are great. Your family is SO beautiful. Best wishes to all! --Mitch

    1. Thank you, Mitch! Best wishes to you and your family as well! xo

  4. thank u for showing us these great pics.
    Happy Thanksgiving to Cristina, Matt, Bertrand and Victoria

    joan hall