September 11, 2013

Kindergarten Schedule

Bertrand has been doing amazingly well on his new full-day kindergarten schedule.  He is so happy!  Bertrand is in a "Life Skills" classroom so, while they cover some standard academic concepts like math and reading, there is a greater emphasis on "life skills" such as toileting, communication, gross and fine motor activities, etc.

Most days Bertrand does 7 hours of school, 3 hours of intensive physical therapy, and 1 hour of stander at home.  Since several people have asked, here is a overview of Bertrand's weekday schedule:

Monday through Thursday:
6:45 AM - Wake up, eye drops, breakfast, medications
7:00 AM - Wash face, scrub eye lids, brush teeth, eye ointment, clothes
7:30 AM - Bus pick-up
8:00 AM - Arrive at school
8:15 AM - Greeting, toileting, positioning
9:00 AM - Physical therapy, gross motor activities, eye drops
10:15 AM - Recess with student helpers
10:30 AM - Group activity*
11:00 AM - Lunch, clean-up, toileting, eye ointment
1:00 PM - Communication, cognition, fine motor activities, eye drops
1:50 PM - Recess with student helpers
2:00 PM - Additional programming*, toileting
(* These activities are frequently "mainstream" with the regular kindergarten class.)
3:00 PM - Notes, coats, salutations, eye drops
3:15 PM - Bus departs school
3:30 PM - Bus arrives, intensive physical therapy
3:45 PM - "sNAC" (applesauce with N-acetylcysteine)
5:00 PM - Toileting, eye ointment
6:30 PM - Dinner, medications, stander
7:30 PM - Remove from stander
8:00 PM - Bed, eye ointment, overnight diaper, bedtime story

Not long ago we would have thought that a schedule such as this would be too strenuous or tiring for Bertrand.  We are proud that our little fighter has proved us wrong.  Not only is he tolerating this schedule, he is *enjoying* it.  He is thriving!

On Fridays, after Bertrand finishes school at 1pm, he will play with Victoria, go for a walk with Mama, or nap for 2 hours, and then have a typical physical therapy session from 3:30 to 6:30, followed by an hour of stander time.  On the weekends, Bertrand has a couple 2 hour sessions of occupational therapy and a single 3 hour session of physical therapy--this is on top of spending time with family, friends, and going to fun activities with his best friend Victoria.  He is our busy B.  :)

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