April 16, 2013

Cousin Time & "Talking" Time

Nothing quite like some adorable kiddos playing together to make things seem right in the world again.  The first two videos are of Bertrand and his 5 month-old cousin Gabby playing together. The last video contains some of Bertrand's funny vocalizations; the panting in particular is new within the past month.
(Please ignore my silly mommy/auntie commentary.)


  1. Oh I love Budy's sounds. He is getting some good upoer body strength. Watching him hold his head up as well as his shoulders the whole time playing with Gabby was a delight to see. They were so cute playing together and sharing.

    1. Thanks, Angie! He is getting very strong and he's almost back to doing 2 hours of standing per day! Very proud of my boy. Can't wait for Noah and B to play together soon. :) XO