November 12, 2012

A Brag-Full Post

In the spirit of the season, this is a thankful brag-full post.  ;)  Bertrand has been on an amazing streak.  Yes, more amazing than usual, if that was even possible.  Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.  We are also downright proud of our boy.

Bertrand is happier than ever.  He is making new vocalizations, clearly recognizing faces, and playing little games with us.  He is totally into peek-a-boo and tickle monster, even with Victoria.  He is tolerating her and other kids better than ever.  In fact, he showed more interest in baby cousin Gabrielle than Victoria did!

Bertrand is eating solid foods.  In July, after his tonsillectomy, he had an understandable set back, but now he is doing better than ever.  For the past week he has been eating (a finely chopped version) of what we've eaten every night!  And, we've engaged his teachers to work on him with more textures during snack time too.

Bertrand is on the cusp of sitting unaided.  This has been his oldest and first therapy goal, and he is closer than ever to accomplishing it!  We're videotaping every therapy session because we've convinced it will happen by December.  Just wait and see.

Bertrand is weight-bearing.  Today I found him calmly watching Elmo on his iPad--at the edge of his bed standing up!  He'd apparently been falling out of bed, but instead of falling he just stood!!! When I found him like that, just holding on to the bed standing, I was petrified!  I wanted to run for my camera but didn't want him to fall.  So, I just stood there, yelling for Matthew to bring the camera and crying praising B.  By the time a shocked Matt finally arrived (sans camera! grr!) to witness the greatness, B was tiring, so you'll just have to take our word on it.  He was amazing!

We've tweaked many little things over the past few months (supplements, seizure meds, diet, etc.), but hands down none of this would be possible without Bertrand's amazing therapists.  Miss A and Miss V are without a doubt the greatest contributors to Bertrand's recent progress... and our happiness.  So, to Miss A, Miss V, and everyone else helping with and cheering for B:



  1. Soooo wonderful, Cristina!!! Yay, Bertrand!

  2. Oh Cristina, this made my day! We'll have to see you in December when we are there for the holidays.

  3. Way to go little buddy! You are doing so wonderful and Noah looks up to you so much! This made my day Cristina :)