September 4, 2012

First Day of School Year 2012-2013

Today was Bertrand's first day of school.  He got super excited when he saw the bus!  I'm kicking myself that my phone ran out of space to take photos and promptly crashed.  We'll have to stage a retake so I can take his "official" first day photo on the porch.  :)  

Despite a few hiccups, (none of Bertrand's pants fitting, the bus picking-up and dropping-off at the wrong spots, overbooking myself, and Victoria drenching herself twice) we had a great day.  I'm so proud of my BIG school boy!  

(And we'll be off to buy Bertrand new school clothes this weekend--size 7.  Yikes!  He needs to share some pounds and inches with Victoria!)

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  1. I want more pics of my favorite kiddos! :-D (just a request... not a demand!) LOVE YOU!