July 20, 2012

Purplelicious Pageant

Did I really just enter Bertrand and Victoria in a pageant?!  Yes, yes, I did.  (Eep!)  But this is not your typical pageant!  The "Purpleliciuos Pageant" is both an event for epilepsy awareness and a fundraiser for epilepsy research.  Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door.  Come watch Victoria destroy the stage and Bertrand win the "Best Hair" category.  ;)

It's one thing to wear purple, it's quite another to be Purplelicious! Do you have what it takes to strut your stuff and show the world your fashionista? Maybe the Purplelicious Epilepsy Awareness Pageant is for you! Application deadline moved to August 3rd. 
What:   Purplelicious Epilepsy Awareness Pageant 
When:   September 15, 2012 (DATE CHANGED!) 
Where: Best Western Cotton Tree Inn in Sandy, UT 
Time:   9:00am - Registration, 10:00am - Pageant 
The Purplelicious Pageant is the brain child of Patty Gannon and her Granddaughter, Courtnie Bartholomeusz. Patty and Courtney are working to get the word out that Epilepsy is nothing to be feared, it is something you have, not something that has you. Be prepared, not only should you be lovely, you have to be lovely IN PURPLE. That's right, it's Purplelicious! 
Visit Purplelicious Pageant Application to download your application today!


  1. LOL, Cristina, I just changed the Application Deadline to August 1st on our (The Epilepsy Association of Utah) blog and now I see here that it's actually the 3rd! I think YOU should update ours. :) I will amend it and look forward to see you and Bertrand and Victoria at the Pageant!


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