May 13, 2012

What it means to be a mom

Today I say thank you to an incredible mother: my wife, Cristina.

Cristina--indeed, many mothers of special needs children--have shown me that the only truly inexhaustible resource is a mother's love for her child.

Special needs moms are just ordinary moms thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

And the character that emerges from those circumstances is telling.

I say emerges because I don't think those circumstances forge that character.

I believe those circumstances reveal that character.

So, what has Cristina taught me about motherhood?

Being a mom means hoping when all hope is lost.

It means fighting when you know you cannot win.

It means believing the crippled will stand and walk.

It means believing the mute will speak.

It means believing the blind will see.

Motherhood is about never yielding to the impossible when your child is on the line.

It is about exerting a force of will so strong that, even if for only the briefest of moments, the line between the possible and the impossible bends.

It is about exerting that force for so long and with such intensity that, in rare circumstances, that line breaks.

I think every mother is prepared to do the impossible for their child.

Luckily, most moms never have to.

It has been a privilege to watch my wife do it for our son, Bertrand.


  1. This is a great tribute to you and your love (and fight) for your children! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. What a wonderful tribute and wise thoughts. People tell me sometimes, "I couldn't do what you have done," but of course they could if it were their baby. I do think that Cristina is exceptional, though. Love to you all! -Ashley