March 5, 2012

Power Wheelchair Evaluation

Bertrand's power wheelchair evaluation today was interesting. He used a chair with proximity sensors on the tray. It was like a giant switch toy. He did well for being sick, hungry, and sleepy. However, before the Physical Therapist (who has never worked with Bertrand before) can give his recommendation in favor of a power wheelchair, Bertrand will need a lot of practice: a suggested minimum of 3 times per week.

We'll go back up to Shriners on Thursday to work with the chair. And, I hope that Bertrand may be able to work with the mobility specialist at his school. Going up to Shriners with Victoria is very difficult--she kept trying to play with other children doing therapy and/or distracting me. However, Bertrand's beautiful smiles whenever he zoomed (like his new hero Lighting McQueen) cemented my resolve to give him this chance.


  1. Agreeing that he should have a chance at power mobility. Wish it was not so difficult (for you) to get that chance.

  2. I am happy to watch V for you (I do not work on Thursdays) if you want to be able to give full attention to B.

  3. A great help to physical disorder children in intention to increase their mobility and functionality. Really awesome!!!!!!