January 27, 2012

Power Wheelchair?

I love this image from Ottobock. Can't you just imagine Bertrand staring up at the fishes like that? :)

Bertrand had his regular 6-month wheelchair fitting today. He had grown a lot, but the adjustments were made quickly. His chair will get another tune-up in July.

While his chair is in great condition, I broached the subject of a power wheelchair with the technician. And, he put Bertrand on a list for a power wheelchair evaluation! The eval will likely be sometime in March at the soonest.

There are 2 routes to getting a power wheelchair--assuming he qualifies. We can request a donated chair or we can find a chair ourselves. (If we can find or buy a power wheelchair ourselves, then they will fit it for him regardless.)

Bertrand has been working with a mobility specialist at his preschool, and his home OT and PT will add to his training. Hopefully that combination will give him enough of an edge when he gets evaluated. (Cue "Eye of the Tiger" and montage!)


  1. Never seen a 'plow bar' - always something to learn!

  2. That's almost certainly not the proper term--just the Cristina one. :) They jokingly called the grills "snow plows" at Shriners. Soccer season is starting, so a lot of chairs were lined-up getting them fitted. I'll admit, my heart fluttered at the thought of B in a little soccer outfit on the field! All the things I never knew were possible! So cool. :)

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