January 10, 2012

Going to the 2012 Abilities Expo!

Bertrand received a surprise Christmas gift: a trip to the 2012 Abilities Expo in Atlanta, Georgia!
The Abilities Expo takes place February 17-19, 2012 at the Georgia World Congress Center and admission is FREE!

We're excited to see and try out items for Bertrand!


  1. Excellent!

    These are great conferences for parents to attend! Do be careful of being overwhelmed or taken in by some of the carnie hucksters. ;)


  2. We are going, too! I am so excited! If you guys have time, perhaps we can plan to meet up. (I would love to meet Bertrand in person!) (I also would love to pick your brain about intensive therapy and Now I Can.)

  3. Amy: Yes! Would love to meet you and lady Claire! Let's exchange info via FB at some point. I know we'll be attending the Friday session in full for sure.

    Barbara: Nothing could be more overwhelming than flipping through Achievement Products and other such catalogs. :) I'm hoping that if Bertrand can try the stuff out, we'll save time and money. We've got a few key things we're looking at/for (not all to purchase right away but to start educating ourselves): meal/table seating, bathing equipment, beds, transportation, mobility. Hopefully this expo will give us a good baseline to start from. :)

  4. Can't wait to hear how it is! Just found out the Expo will be in our city in March :o) So, I look forward to reading your tips/experiences, etc., before we take on the expo the following month :o)