December 9, 2011

Bertrand turns 4

Today was Bertrand's fourth birthday. He had a good day full of playtime, good food, phone calls, presents, and naps. He was frequently interrupted for hugs, kisses & cuddles.

Hugs and kisses may not be his favorite things, but they were more for me than him. It's been a somber day (week? month? year?) and one of much reflection.

Bertrand, we are so proud of you. We are grateful for every moment we have with you, for every smile, for every hug. We'll do our best to celebrate all the milestones of your life, for your benefit and in honor of those who'll never get to celebrate their 4th birthday. Love, Mama & Daddy


  1. Feliz cumple Bertrand!!!!! Te quiero mucho!!!

  2. Man, that's a good picture! Maybe Matthew is in the wrong area of specialization.

  3. That second photo (with Victoria and Bertrand) is possibly the cutest photo ever. What a beautiful Mama and children!

    - Jessica H

  4. Happy birthday, Bertrand!! Gosh, he's getting so grown-up! And I agree with the poster above: Matt has some serious photographic talent.


  5. Late but sincere! Happy Birthday to Bertrand and BIG congrats to his parents!