October 21, 2011

Intensive Therapy: Week 2 Recap

Bertrand just wrapped-up week 2 of his intensive physical therapy session at Now I Can. With one week left of treatment, he is sitting longer, his back is straighter, and his legs/hips look better. The experience has been great, and I am a convert to both intensive and neuro-developmental therapy (NDT) treatment models. Next week, I hope to take some pictures/video of Bertrand's progress. He is slated for another 3 week session at Now I Can in May 2012. Until then, I am hoping to find a NDT certified therapist closer to our home for maintenance.

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  1. I'm SO glad I got to see you!!! Too bad our sessions weren't the same time all the time :( I hope you find someone close to you for maintenance. ...by the way...thanks for talking to me, it's rare when you get to talk to people who really understand! xoxo.