September 20, 2011

Can Bertrand ride the school bus?

There are so many reasons why I love Bertrand's "Dancers with Disabilities" class! Not the least of which are the people we meet there and the wealth of special needs information that gets exchanged. Below is the email I just wrote to our constituent liaison, at the encouragement of one of the volunteers in the class.
My family and I live in district 4. My 3 year-old son, Bertrand, has many disabilities and is in a push wheelchair. He attends the special education preschool program at Ensign Elementary.

Bertrand can't ride the school bus because the alleyway behind our house is unaccessible--it is far too uneven and rough. He practically got launched out of his wheelchair the time or two we have attempted it. We tried putting bigger front wheels on his chair to help with the bumps in the alleyway to no avail. (The front of our house is facing a steep hill with many steps & no ramps, so it is unaccessible as well.)

Basically, there is no access for him from the house to the sidewalk to get to the bus. So, I currently drive him into school Monday
through Thursday, but it breaks my heart that he can't ride the bus like the other kids. He would love it.

Is there a way for the city to pave the alley so Bertrand could get to his school bus? As far as I know, it is public property.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

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