August 31, 2011

Thank you!

I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone who has commented, emailed, phone called, or text messaged their support! Apparently, you all don't think I am completely nuts! I really appreciate it and Bertrand does too. :) You have all bolstered my courage for tomorrow's "thesis proposal"!

Plenty of pictures & video of Bertrand will be coming soon--I promise. But, tonight I am busy preparing the documentation to present to Bertrand's neurologist in the morning while baking for the Cookies for Cole bake sale in the afternoon. We're hoping to scoop-up sales from with the Univ. of Utah football traffic. If you have the urge for something sweet, you should stop by! :)

Speaking of sweet, here is a video of Victoria's first time in a jumper yesterday. She is an old pro at it now. Don't you just want to eat-up those chunky little legs?! She reminds me so much of Bertrand when he was this age--except that he was sitting better, barrel-rolling, and pulling himself to sitting. She has big shoes to fill. ;)


  1. V, you go Miss Thang! :-) Love you guys

  2. Victoria is such a pro at that!!! Oh, she is too cute :) The picture of Bertrand in the last post...I wanted to tell you...he looks SO SO GOOD!!! It looks like he's thinning out and getting older. He is so handsome!