July 1, 2011

A (tiny) happy dance.

Bertrand working out with his "personal trainer".

Bertrand's gastroenterology appointment this morning was just the good news I've been needing to hear. Starting with Bertrand's stats, he measured:
  • 39.5 inches (just above the 50th percentile for height)
  • 36 pounds (just below the 75th percentile for weight)
I could've happy danced for these numbers alone! All of our hard work with his diet and exercise (standing, gait trainer, horseback riding, etc.) have paid off. We have only a few more inches taller (or pounds smaller) to go to reach normal weight-for-height!

Then, his Doctor came in and said that, looking at Bertrand's most recent liver enzyme levels drawn in May, if Bertrand had been a new patient he would've wondered why B would need to see a GI doc! His liver appears almost entirely normal!

We shared a laugh that Bertrand is probably the first person in history to have their liver enzymes DECREASE while on depakote. But, due to the depakote, the GI Doctor would like to continue vitamin D and carnitine supplementation to protect the liver.

However, he now feels that we can wean Bertrand's prevacid! (While watching for signs of reflux.) And, in 6 months, we can begin a cautious actigall wean as well! (While monitoring his liver enzymes.)

That may not seem like a lot, but 2 fewer medications (administered a total of 4 times daily) is 1 step closer to a more enjoyable childhood for my precious boy. And that's worth celebrating!


  1. I'm so happy he's doing well!

    Also, she's getting so big!

  2. I love the great news! SpeciaLly the weekend of Mommy Cristina's birthday! Wish you the happiest birthday! Loe. Titi Lili

  3. Hooray! What fantastic news! I hope that all goes well with the weaning! Two fewer medications means more time for fun!

    Amy, Brad, and Claire

  4. Whoop, whoop! Glad to hear all this great news! And love the pic. :D

  5. That is great news!!! Way to go :)

  6. so happy to hear about the wonderful progress!! keep up the good work and let us know status updates