June 6, 2011

9 Month Post-Infusion Report

Dear Dr. Kurtzberg,

It's been about 9 months since Bertrand's stem cell infusion. He is the happiest and most interactive he has ever been in his life! We don't know whether it's new medication (depakote), the stem cells or what, but, whatever the cause, we are extremely grateful.

Bertrand's most recent CMP on 5/27/11 had his ALT at 26 (normal range: 5-45) and AST at 63 (normal range: 20-60). This normalizing trend has continued in spite of increases in depakote. (His AFP is normal but his GGT is still elevated at 86, with a normal range of 4-15.)

In addition to his continued liver improvement, his smiles and his laughter, Bertrand has been re-learning skills and picking up new ones. He is learning to us eye gaze, as well as switches, to communicate his desires. He is vocalizing (I believe he has a word for Mama). He can raise his arms above his head for the first time, and he is again taking steps when supported or in a gait trainer.

He recently completed his first year of preschool and all of his teachers have remarked on the pronounced, positive changes they've seen in Bertrand since he started. We are very proud of him. :)

Warm regards,
Cristina Might


  1. I needed that today. So great.

  2. Hooray for B! Hooray for stem cells!

  3. Hurray for Bertrand, hurray for the whole family!! Go Bertrand go!

  4. "taking steps when supported or in a gait trainer"



  5. Excellent! Especially the taking steps and the "Mama"!!