May 10, 2011

Head Above Water

The past three and a half weeks since Victoria was born have flown by! Learning to balance the needs of two children has felt akin to barely keeping my head above water. As we get a better handle on parenting two kids, I hope to get back to posting on the blog more. Until then, here are some pictures of Bertrand and Victoria snuggling together! It's amazing how much they already love each other. :)


Bertrand is currently at the dress rehearsal for his dance recital on Saturday, May 14! If anyone is attending his dance performance on Saturday morning, please let me know! We'll be hosting a simple celebratory brunch at our house and hope you can join us. :)

1 comment :

  1. Wish we could be there to cheer B on from the audience! We'll still cheer, all the way from a hospital room in Miami (hopefully we'll be out of this joint by then)!