April 3, 2011

Uncle Steve's Visit

Bertrand's awesome Uncle Steve, Titi Saby's fiancé, visited this past week! In spite of some bad luck (a car accident & parking ticket), we had a great time! We can't wait for him to move out here later this year. :)

Uncle Steve and Bertrand reading books together.

Matthew, Steve & Bertrand play Wii Lego Batman, while Titi Saby takes a nap.


This weekend, we were fortunate to discover our new, favorite, Puerto Rican restaurant: Adobos Caribbean Grill! We'll probably eat there once a week from now on!


  1. Yum mm! Hey, have you hear of eagle eyes? I just saw a small document of it today and I thought of Bertrand.

  2. Awesome Mofongo, amarillos and pernil! I can see why it's on your favorite list! it makes me hungry!