April 8, 2011

Medication Update (& Baby Watch)

Bertrand & Mama cuddling on the couch.
The lap space may be getting tight but there will always be room for Bertrand!

Medication Update:
  • While Bertrand's depakote levels were barely in effective range at their trough, his lamictal level was 9 at trough with an effective range of 3-14. This means we can't raise his lamictal.
  • Bertrand's depakote was raised to 375mg (125mg AM, 250mg PM) and resulted in a night owl! The medication is supposed to make him sleepy, but fewer seizures make him more conscious and interactive. Once the level evens-out in his blood, this should resolve.
  • Bertrand will get his all of his blood levels (including medications, liver, vitamin D, carnatine and others) drawn in another 1-2 weeks. There is concern for his increasing liver values.
  • He will then have another blood draw on May 17th after seeing his neurologist. She says that depending on his seizure & liver activity, we will consider raising Bertrand's keppra next.

Baby Watch:
Regular readers of this blog know that Bertrand's little sister is due today! Plenty of signs indicate that she will be joining us soon. We will keep you all posted. :)


  1. So glad you're getting all of B's mess figured out. Hopefully things stay uneventful for awhile after baby is here!

    I am so excited about the baby! Yay!

  2. that picture makes me smile! you both look so happy!
    - Kristin, formerly known as Ms. Kristin

  3. So excited! Bertrand looks great in the photo! And so do you!

  4. Oh Cristina I am so excited for you guys, I can't wait to see pictures and hear the happy news! Hopefully all of B's levels will get sorted out soon - I'll keep praying!

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  6. You both look so happy in that picture! I can't believe Victoria isn't here yet! I hope you're finding some relief from the discomfort. Working on the baby sweater right now!!! :-) Love ya.

  7. I really like that picture, even moreso after seeing it about forty times in the last few days while checking for updates :). Come on, Victoria! The water's fine!