March 6, 2011

A recovery weekend.

One of the countless times Bertrand's nose bled this weekend.

Bertrand had a rough time recovering from Thursday's sedation. It's the first time he has ever had side-effects coming out of general anesthesia in the 10+ times he has been under. The anesthesiologist gave him some different drugs toward the end of the procedure, but they didn't agree with him. (This was a different anesthesiologist than the other 2 we've gotten at Primary Children's. I want to make note of the 2 drugs so Bertrand never gets them again in the future!)

Bertrand was extremely groggy, nauseated and sore for the past few days. He vomited a few times on Thursday, but harder to witness were his repeated nose bleeds on the following days. (These could've been caused or aggravated by the EGD.) I've lost track of the number of times I have changed/washed his sheets. A combination of humidifiers, motrin, ayr saline gel, books, Elmo and snuggles helped keep my poor baby comfy. Thankfully, this evening Bertrand finally seemed back to normal.

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  1. Oh Bertrand, I'm so sorry you had a rough time this time around. That is no fun, I'm so sorry buddy. Good thing you have a good mama! b