March 23, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference

Bertrand shows off! He rolled to the toy, picked it up & played with it from prone position.

Today was Bertrand's first parent teacher conference at his new preschool! Growing-up, parent teacher conferences were never a big deal at our house. However, in the online special needs community, parent teacher conferences seem like a big, dreaded deal.

Where along that spectrum did Bertrand's conference fall?

I would've skipped, hopped and danced on my way out! ...that is, if I could still do any of those without going into labor. :)

In other words, the conference went really well! We could all gush about how well Bertrand is doing, how he is meeting and exceeding goals (goals which were lofty when we set them), and how much he is enjoying school. They confirmed what we well know: Bertrand today is not the same Bertrand they evaluated back in December.


We discussed what would be necessary for Bertrand to receive summer school. Summer school is set up to maintain skills rather than maintain momentum/progress. It is one day a week, in-home, and for 4 weeks only. To qualify, Bertrand would need to regress over spring break, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

This got me thinking that even if he does qualify for summer school, obviously one day a week of school/therapy is not enough. I'll have to explore summer additional options anyway.


Has anyone had experience with Now I Can? It's an intensive physical therapy program located in Provo, UT. (Yes, I am delusional enough to hope that Bertrand could be at a point in his seizure control that he could benefit from intensive physical therapy this summer.) Now I Can has a July 11th through August 5th, 4 week session with openings in both the AM and PM. It costs $2000 per week--OUCH! But if it is worth it...?


  1. Awesome! A good parent teacher conference is something in my dreams a lot lately. Hooray for B!

  2. So glad things are going well!

  3. I cannot vouch for any particular program but here are my opinions in general:

    I support therapy from licensed physical therapists - which is what is portrayed on that site. I believe there is great merit and potential for results from intensive dosing of exercise. The 'suit' programs, if performed correctly, are good exercise.

    I have seen no convincing evidence nor know of any physiology that supports high-purr-bear-ic treatments. I believe those treatments are an expensive dose of sugar pill.

    I am very interested to know what you decide. Barbara